A Journey of Discovery and Empowerment

Traditional healing methods brought me nothing but frustration and despair.

Discover the Power of Spiritual Healing

My path to becoming a spiritual tour guide was born out of personal despair and a deep sense of knowing that there was more to life than what I could physically see. Left alone and destitute at 7 months pregnant after my partner left, I faced my darkest hour, overwhelmed by a life that seemed relentlessly unforgiving. Even after much inner healing through the passage of time, traditional therapy, and a new loving partner, I experienced bouts of depression, frustration and overwhelm.

But in my deepest despair, I discovered a powerful truth that changed everything.

I turned to ancient wisdom, embracing the healing arts of Reiki and the chakra system. This wasn't just a new chapter; it was a completely new book.

I remember the confusion and loneliness I felt, searching for answers in places that only led to more questions. My turning point came when I realized the power to change was always within me, waiting to be awakened.

It was during a Reiki session that everything clicked. The energy flowed, and for the first time in years, I felt a sense of peace and clarity. I knew then that my calling was to share this healing with others.

My journey is a testament to the power of self-healing and spiritual guidance. With each person I help, I am reminded of the transformative journey I underwent—a journey from pain to empowerment, darkness to light.

The secret I stumbled upon is simple...

...healing comes from within, and it's accessible to everyone!

I found a way to unlock this healing...

and now I am dedicated to helping others, just like you.

How You Can Work With Me

Personalized energy healing, self-awareness, and spiritual growth for inner harmony and confidence.

Reiki sessions

Embark on a journey of mood elevation, increased sleep, better digestion, and heightened self-awareness with energy work.

Chakra healing

Engage in deep introspection and targeted Reiki sessions to unblock your energy centers, fostering ease, joy, and lasting change with continuous guidance and support.

soul map creation

This guided spiritual tour for inner peace seekers involves deep chakra study, group support, and shamanic journeying to help you unlearn, unlock, and unleash your full potential.


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